Good PC or Overkill?

Im getting a new gaming PC and im getting:

GTX 780

Corsair 850 watt PSU

ASUS Maximus Impact LGA 1150 z87 MOBO


64GB SSD Boot drive


H100i Watercooler

Bit Fenix Prodigy Case

 is any of this overkill for a strictly gaming PC?

no I would say that is a highend gaming pc but not overkill if you want to play all the latest and greatest games.  I would get a 120gb ssd by the way a 64gb can be hard to manage as windows is pretty large.  Also take a look at the phanteks tc14pe cpu cooler or a noctua coolers instead of the h100

I would personally say that is the high end of pc gaming so will play everything and is a good build. Question is what resolution do you play at? Plus will the system only be used for gaming?

I play at 1440p but use my freinds 1080p monitor when im at LAN Parties