Good Modding Channel?

Hey, so as much as I enjoy most of the content of the known tech tubers out there, I've found that they don't do a lot of PC modding at all. I was wondering if anyone knew of some good channels out there for PC / case modding?

He has the best looking NAS ever. Should take a look.


I second the SingularityComputers vote. He's a great builder/modder and has some nice products too if you need a fancy reservoir mount.

Although I stopped watching him some time ago... He comes off a bit pretentious to me.

The elder of PC case mods


I'll check both those out, thanks!

I concur, he does it all: custom paint, custom/modded chassis, self-sleeved wires (including the fans), and even down to the custom accessories for water cooling. He makes JaysTwoCents' PC look like amateur.

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I follow Bill Owen too, vote for him. One thing I like is him video review of cases with modding in mind, are very usefull.

I do modding videos at mine channel, have some projects with 23 small vlogs, but... they are on mine language Portuguese. Some are timelapses which is maybe the only ones EN people can follow.

i am quite fond of this fello,

although its more of a montage / time lapse kind of work so not logs like owen or sing.