Good Linux MMO?

Does anyone know of any good native Linux MMO's? I really don't care for wine at all but if the answer is there is none as I've seem to have found then that's fine too.

I couldn't think of any off the top of my head, it would depend heavily on what you're into, but you'd probably have to use play on linux or run a VM


You might have a look here and ask the guys over there

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Lol I was gunna say yeah we have a lot of guides at gamersonlinux.

War Thunder is a great combat MMO that runs natively on linux.
The plane combat is amazing.
There are also tanks that look great, gameplay is decent but it`s no match for World of Tanks.
You can download it directly from their site(it has a Linux client) or if you prefer you can also find it on Steam

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Well I know it's a very subjective question but I just need a good place to start. MMO's aren't always on steam.

Alright I'll have to give that a try.

You may want to give Planeshift a try. You can get it from Planeshift site

Also Check out these MMOs for Linux:

8BitMMO (Steam)
A Tale in the Desert
Albion Online
ARK: Survival Evolved (Steam)
Counter-Strike: GO (Steam)
Dead Frontier
DOTA 2 (MOBA) (Steam)
Eternal Lands
Entropia Universe
Heroes of Newerth
Legends of Aethereus
No More Room in Hell
Pirates, Vikings & Knights
Relics of Annorath
Runescape 3
Savage Lands
Shroud of the Avatar
Spiral Knights
Star Conflict
Super Hero Squad Online
TF2 (steam)
Ultima Online
Vendetta Online
Wurm Online