Good Laptop for College?

Hey Guys,

What would be a good college laptop? Something that last for an undergrad time period. Its going to my brother who's tech experience is 0 and has no experience with Win. It needs to be at around $700 price point



Thanks Teks

17.3 Inch: Acer Aspire V3-771G-73638G50Maii

+ 1080p, Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM.

- Only 500GB HDD, 3.2 kilograms .


15.6 Inch: Dell Inspiron 15R Special Edition 7520 (N0015S35)

+ 1080p, Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM, 1TB HDD.

- The internal graphix is only a Radion HD 7730m (Not bad at all but could be better).


I would prefer the Dell, because he is going to use it in college so he has to carry it around. With its smaller form factor and lighter weight it has me preferences.

These notebooks are going to give some serious performance for the budget you assigned.

I think you should look at some of the msi laptops Logan had mentioned in the latest tek episode. Quite nice if I do say so myself.

those are $1200 not $700

My bad. I only had time to skim through the video. Thanks for the correction.

He isn't really okay with using Windows8 yet

There is a function in Windows 8 to downgrade to windows 7 at any moment.

Waaaaaaaatttt??!? How? When? Where? Banana?

I just bought an HP laptop for college. I got it for $450 refurbished. If you are willing to go refurbished you can find some good deals. My laptop came with Win 8 and after a little finagling it had Win 7. There were only very minor scuffs and no performance degradation at all. Even better it came with an AMD A8-4500M APU which is a nice processor for the price of the laptop. All in all its up to you what to buy but the used market is always an option.