Good Idea for GTAV PC?

Do you think a modder or Rockstar themselves should incorporate Pandora into GTAV's radio stations or something very similar to it like GTAIV's Independent Radio?

I really want this to happen considering I hate this game's radio with a passion. Alright, the parody's of real life can be pretty funny at times, but the music selection is terrible, and... that metal station, holy fucking shit it's the worst thing I have ever listened to in my entire life (Channel X). It's a massive disgrace to metal fans, it's just noise, really annoying noise.

Anyway, would this be a really good idea?

I think this would be a great idea.

In GTAs of the past, though. you could set GTA to use songs from your music folders. 


Channel X isn't a metal's a punk rock station.


one thing i love about the radio in gta v is that it is synced with other players online (this wasn't the case with gta 4) so everyone hears the same music at the same time. If they could do this with independent fm on pc that would be amazing.

Or they could just give us VRock again. That radio channel was fantastic.

If that was the case, I guess it would be time to turn up the radio, if you know what I am referencing