Good graphics card

what is a good graphics card for around 120$

i play mostly FPS games 

R7 260 (x),GTX 650 Ti, GTX 750

for a new card,the R7 260X is the best choice for your price range,but i suggest you to grab a HD7850 or a 7870 on ebay for example,it's much more performant especially for demanding games like FPS for around the same price.

Buy a new card. Which ever one you go with. Buying used is an unnecessary risk.

You can't go wrong with a GTX 650 Ti, buy new as Freaksmacker said. You won't be maxing games but it is cheap and will serve you well. I could play BF3 at near lowest settings at 60-45 FPS with one, I like my filters but if you turned them off you would get more. Have fun.

You can pick up 2 second GTX 560's for SLI for between $40 and 80. Just saying budget, your better off buying second hand mid range cards ;)


I would suggest this as a good rule of thumb you alway's get the second from the top and think about it you're probably going too have to replace that cheaper video card in a couple year's or so, but if you buy a newer more pricey card it can last you quite some time