Good GPU for Budget Build

I am planning to build a gaming pc that can handle most games on the market, but for around $400. Logan reccomended a build that seems pretty good, which I am seriously considering.

The only problem is, it doesn't have a dedicated GPU. Can anyone recommend a good graphics card for under $100, that will suit the rig above? 

Thanks in advance

I would go with a am3+ build ( )over fm2 just because you have a better upgrade path. with the fx 8 cores you will get twice the performance over the a10

if you dead set on a fm2 build then you should go with a hd 6670 and set up hybrid cross fire. you'll get hd7850 performance

If I remember correctly, Logan actually warned against that build specifically. I think he said something along the lines of crossfire not working correctly in a very many games, and crossfiring the two being difficult and not worth the effort to get a headache of a build. The build you posted is great though. And to the OP: that build Logan suggested for 400 is an APU build, it'd be using the APU as a GPU, you don't need a secondary GPU along with it, unless you want to crossfire which wouldn't make too much sense. If you want a good dedicated GPU build, follow the one this guy posted, it's pretty good, if you want the one Logan posted, then build that and don't get another GPU.