Good Gaming Keyboard?

Tittle says it all basically.  Budget is $50 give or take $15.  I play mostly Fps games such as counter strike and borderlands 2.  I know you guys recommend good stuff.  I came here looking for a solid gaming mouse, walked away happy with a new logitech g400s wich i LOVE!  And as always thanks teksyndicate.  

I personally like the Razer Blackwidow I have the ultimate version which is not in your price range but the tournament edition can be picked up on Amazon for $60. I would also say if you can put money to get mechanical to jump on it.

" I would also say if you can put money to get mechanical to jump on it. "

Wait so are you saying this keyboard is not mechanical? 

it is, mx blues, you can also look around ebay and craigslist for cheaper keyboards found this if you don't mind a mini keyboard and have a PS/2 port. It's mechanical and on sale CHEAP

I was going to say sidewinder x6 keyboard.Because I Thought they would be cheap Like the one I bought refurbished for 50$ a year ago or so..but man they can be expensive.


I strongly recommend Quickfire Rapid with black switches. 

I'll cast another vote for anything CM Storm has to offer


Depends on what type of keyboard.  Not everyone likes mechanical keyboards.

Membrane Keys: Steelseries Apex - by far my favorite non mechanical one, fully customizable keys, can be mapped any way you like, lots of macro buttons.  I have a buddy that loves this keyboard and swears up and down that he has never played on a keyboard that well built with membrane keys.  Also it has artificial caps which when you press it resembles Cherry MX Browns.


Mechanical Keys: I've used CM quickfire and those are some of the best built mechanical keyboards i've ever played on, i would suggest Cherry MX Blue or Black, it's a great cross between gaming/quiet.

I use a Quickfire Rapid with Blues and I can say it is the best keyboard I have ever used. What this keyboard lacks in numpad, macros, fancy lights, and style (though it still looks badass), it makes up for in build quality and performance.