Good Gaming Keyboard

I'm new'ish to PC gaming at least to the point where i haven't bought a gaming keyboard yet. Soo what would be a good keyboard to get? 

Step 1- google search "best gaming keyboards"

Step 2- Left click top link

You are welcome

sooo steelSeries

A quickfire rapid with your desired switches is a good way to go. If you want fullsized instead of the rapid the xt.

But the ducky is so much better

Yeah pretty solid keyboard comes in many differnt switches. Go for blacks if its your first mechanical keyboard. 

i really like the cooler master mechanical keyboards i haz quick fire rapid with blue mx switches with the .04mm dampers and well it's awesome.

Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate is what I use

I use Sidewinder X4, Never had a problem.

Just never get the cyborg v7, i have it and it's shit. You gotta open a program, click on a load button, then apply before your macros work. 

And you have to do this every time you boot up your PC btw.

I like the corsair k70. A very solid keyboard