Good Game Dev. Platform?


So I am wanting to get into some game dev, like alot of others. I just want to do it for fun, as a project. I know basic code, and I don't mind coding, but my training is very limited, and I would like to know if any of you devs out there know of a good platform to use. I am trying to make a 2D RPG Sidescroller thang.


I'd say go with Unity. You'll get a chance to do scripting too, you can choose a scripting language even. Also Unity is multi-platform, which is nice. Unreal Engine is great too from what I've heard, but I have 0 experience with it, so I can't say a thing about it.

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+1 on Unity. Tons of online materials, guides, documentation, etc.

Unity... Don't even think of anything else...
Most other engines either require much more coding and scripting, or they are not powerful enough to do whatever.
Unity is not very complicated, tons of learning materials and youtube videos, tutorials, free assets for training and learning purposes and it is powerful. Really powerful. Hand of faith and Hearthstone are just two examples of the things you can do with it. And it have 2D regime, so yeah, you can do whatever you like in it. Its really impressive piece of software...
Aaaaaand its free...

Unity is pretttty prettty prettty great. On YouTube there's a guy called "Brackeys" who makes some good intro tutorials. Also Udemy has TONS of courses. Lastly, some of the cool new stuff coming out like Occulus and the Intel RealSense have Unity plugins. So the barrier to 3D type development is actually kinda low in terms of learning curve.

My only beef with Unity is that games made with the platform definitely have a certain "look". And that look is not quite mind blowing IMO. So if you're really interested in great appearance, you may want to look at Unreal.

There's also Leadworks which is supposed to be straight forward but you get to script in C++ instead of C# (Unity you have the option of C# or JavaScript).

Depends on what language you already know. Since you want to make something in 2D, a javascript library in combination with html might be perfectly fine.

Here's some open-source engines hosted on github:
* Javascript game engines on github
* Other game engines on github

In case you're also into lua (I kinda really like it), Löve might be something for you. In case you don't know lua, it's a scripting language but with pretty good performance. In the games industry it's widely used as a scripting language in combination with engines written in C/C++. The entire book on lua is available online.

I've done any game programming, so I can't recommend anything. At least I hope I've given you some direction to look at. Most of these things will probably be easier to learn than Unity (but again, I'm guessing).

Ah, thanks quite alot guys, I have already been using Unity and have found it quite solid, but seeing this much Unity support, I think i'll stick with it. Thanks!

Tried RPGMaker? since you want to do an RPG? Or any of the other 2D tools like Construct or GameMaker?

No, but I think i'll give em a try :)

I have used that for a while, but in it, you have to write all of your systems... Inventory, combat, quest, leveling, gui, everything... And if you are gona do that, i would much more advise you to go Unity... Much more powerful engine and giving many more options...

I made the same thing in Unity in a little over a week, it's really easy, so Unity is definitely your best option, unless you want to "code" it then you can use something like C++ and SDL, obviously its gonna take you longer but i had more fun coding it than just scripting it.

+1 to unity. I used unity in combo with blender for making models and made an airship once. Tried to figure out how to make it into a fly-model but exams were coming up at the time and I had other thngs that needed attending to.

Unity is a definite go.


Great for 2D games. I wouldn't waste my time with unity until they come up with solid equivalent to Blueprint. Gamedev has evolved, they are behind.

Yeah righto I think I'll have a look at it when I have some time, thanks mate