Good for 600? Ordering 200$ of it now

This is the stuff I still need, just got a SICK HANNspree monitor, dunno how great they are but I'm in love with it already lol. Just wanna know if ther'll be any bottlenecking with the 975 blabla you know.


I like this build, but I would get an aftermarket heatsink, like the Xigmatek Dark Knight and instead of the 210 Elite, just get the source 210. You have USB 2.0 on the front  instead of USB 3.0, which isn't a big deal because you'll have it on back.

Stuff I still need, already got an NZXT T40 cooler. The motherboard is usb 3 so I just went with the elite since it's only 10 more with a couple nice features. I just ordered a 6300 and 210 elite since I'm getting either a 7850 or 7870 since I'll be playing cpu intense games.

Only thing I would have suggested was getting the source 220 instead, but I guess it's a little late now.

The 6300 is going to serve you well. And make sure you pick up a tahiti le/xt 7870.

I won't have money for that now lol. More like a 7850. :/ . I looked at the 220's btw, I didn't really like em'. Games I plan on playing need some CPU power and a 7850 can play them smoothly.

The 220 is a great case for me. If it's style you don't like, there isn't much to do about that, though. Haha. But they certainly have a fair amount of airflow options.