Good dedicated Linux laptop?

I have been looking for a good used machine that will I can run Linux Mint off of, primarily older Core 2 laptops (don't need anything fancy). I have been eyeing the Lenovo Thinkpad SL410 on some eBay listings, as well as Dell D630 models. I really like the Thinkpad, having worked on many at my job.

Any other model laptops you can suggest? I need something durable and long lasting, as I will be using it for basic programming, getting more familiar with the Linux OS's, and as a shop computer (I work as a tech at a local computer repair shop.)

Need's to have a DVD drive for burning disk images to blank DVD's, and would prefer something that at least gets an hour to two hours on a charge.

Most older laptops aren't going to get too long a battery life, but ya overall a thinkpad is your best bet, mostly due to the keyboard

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Pretty much looking for an hour of battery life, but I am aware that most older laptops don't hold much of a charge. Older Thinkpads in general seem to be pretty good, will likely go that route.

This one's probably your best bet, mostly because it has 4gbs of RAM

does anybody here subscribed to the fry's sale newsletter? because I've seen some laptops there for a good price, but I too don't know if they'll handle linux... Also I went to their stores and nobody knew how to work linux, I felt weird when I was there, because shouldn't they know everything about electronics?, they didn't even know what linux was.

I love the Dell Latitude E6410's, we sell a bunch of them at work. Very solid machines, but a bit too expensive for what I am willing to pay.

Thanks for everyone's suggestions, I ended up getting a Lenovo Thinkpad SL500 (Core 2 @ 2.26Ghz) with 4GB of RAM. Eventually plan to upgrade the 160GB HDD to a 256GB SSD.

Not a bad choice, but I feel as if you rushed it...
Hope it serves you well.

I guess, I mean the computer I bought was one that I had worked on earlier at work (that we had put up for sale) so I already made a mental note that I liked it. Just wanted to explore other options first.