Good cheap around $50 gaming mouse?

Anybody know of any?

Thanks for the help.

Logitech g500 and g600.

Im currently using the Sharkoon Drakonia and im finding it really good and its quite cheap. Also you can look up the Perixx MX-2000, which is pretty much exactly the same as the drakonia, only cheaper and with a different design. Both mouses have 11 programmable buttons, 500-5000 DPI and weight tuning.

2nd the g500, i was lucky enough to replace my g500 with a g700 i picked up for $50. 

Really the only mouse I can suggest for this price range is the Sharkoon Darkglider, fantastic mouse for the price.  I did a bit of an over view in a similar thread (although not a very good one)

Go G400, Optical for life.

Razer Deathadder is under 60 dollars, A sweet laser mouse, feels nice on your hands and has 2 extra buttons on the side. 
You can order them for left hand or right hand, and you get to use Razer synapse 2.0 which is an amazing software.

Steelseries Kana, I prefer the black because of the finish. If you want a right handed mouse, Mionix has some good mice for around that price point.