Good Bare Bones Start? [$400 Build]

i was wondering if this can play the new games and be good for editing?

also going to add a new graphic card when i have the money


I always tell new users, if your building a computer on a budget, yet plan on upgrading over time, Get the best motherboard you can possible afford. Even if you have to skimp on other parts. The motherboard is the heart of your machine. If you can afford it, Go with the 990fx sabertooth R2. That will support the AMD Plus chips, Will give you a rock solid motherboard, that you can upgrade your componets on down the road. 

Don't get me wrong, I am not the smartest guy when it comes to motherboards. The one you picked may be a wise choice, someone with more knowledge will have to reply. 

Your case looks nice, Myself, I always look at youtube videos of a case I am looking at. Make sure it offers the features that work for you. I myself, tend to treat my case like I do my motherboard. Willing to spend extra, even if I have to skimp or wait on other parts. So if I find a case that is more expensive, yet offers better cooling, and gives me plenty of room to upgrade, As well offers me the fetures I want, I will go that route.

I use coolmaster cases, Simply because I find the handle on top really usesful, So that case offers me features I want. Cases tend to be more of a personal choice IMHO. 


Yea well since its a FM board you wont be able to upgrade to a much better CPU... Maybe hold out till you have a bit more cash and get a 6300 or something like that 

For a combo build, it's pretty solid. Definitely something I would build for a mid range tower.

Listen to what these people are saying. If you're going to build a machine that you plan on upgrading, then right off the bat you know that you need to plan for expansion and you need to at least pick on part that will be future proof. As tym said, go with a really good motherboard. Get one with lots of expansion and get one that has good overclocking on it as well. I really wouldn't go with a board that doesn't have a lot of features, and you definitely shouldn't be locking yourself into an FM motherboard. You're gonna end up replacing it. Trust me.

Go with an AM3+ motherboard. I threw this together for you.

BEFORE EVERYONE HOPS ON MY DICK for the power supply, let me just say that Coolmax DOES make decent power supplies. I'm running one in my system and I must say that it's working beautifully. I have had absolutely zero problems with it. As for the motherboard, yes. I chose an Extreme3. You could also go with the extreme4 because that motherboard is absolutely loaded, although it does cost a little more. If you want lots of room for expansion, check out the extreme4.

A good quality 970 chipset board belongs in a build in this price bracket. A Sabertooth 990fx is not a board meant for budget builds, sorry. It may be a very good board but you need to balance the entire system even if planning to upgrade. There are a lot of very nice 970 boards for less than half the price of the Sabertooth.