Good AM3+ Motherboard Micro ATX

I need a micro atx am3+ with sata 3 and onboard usb 3 headers.  I cannot find one but I was wondering if any of you know of one.

Only one I can find. Hope you aren't planning on heavy OCs...

If you do plan on heavy OC's, I'd just give up on SATA III, and get this Gigabyte board

If you really need it that badly, get a add-on card.

the board says 1600 mhz ram with overclocking.  Will 1600mhz ram run at 1600mhz out of the box

There is no ITX or micro ATX  AM3+ motherboards with current chipsets, they only make ATX or eATX.
If you want to build a small form factor, or a lightweight lanbox, you will have to go Intel or FM2 (apu cpu).

well, they do need a bios update, but they will run FX cpus.

Okay.  Thanks by the way guys

I don't think it will run at 1333 out of the box, but you can manually set it to run at 1600 in the BIOS. It wouldn't really be overclocking since you already know what settings it will run at. I believe the main reason for this is that these boards were designed for Phenom II CPU's, and the Phenom II's memory controller only supported up to 1333MHz natively. However, the FX CPU's have controllers that support up to 1866 natively, so there is a slight chance it might run at 1600 out of the box.