Going to University, and was wondering what the best Laptop/Tablet/Ultrabook would be for Computer Engineering

I had been looking at the Microsoft Surface Pro 3, but I don't know if it will be able to handle things like 3D CAD and etc. Just looking for something powerful, and the budjet isn't really an issue.



I am a gamer so, something that could play games well would be a huge plus :D

If budget is no option and CAD is a priority along with potability, maybe something like the Dell Precision M3800, would be good.

Anything a bit cheaper? That's uh, quite expensive :P

http://www.dell.com/au/p/xps-15z/pd. The XPS 15z should be able to handle 3D CAD and most games on medium with comfortable frame rates. It also looks really nice.

What Ultrabook brands are generally considered higher quality, and all-in-all "better"?

I might check out the Lenovo Yoga 2 Pro. I have the Lenovo Yoga 13, and it runs quite fine, and I've somehow managed to play Batman: Arkham City and beat it. Yoga 2 Pro is more powerful from what I can see, using Intel HD 4400 ig and 4th generation Haswell processors. That's probably around the average or even towards the top you'll get with an ultrabook, since they're more design-focused than strictly speaking a spec sheet.


The MSI WS60 is a workstation/gaming laptop - $3200 AUD though - no idea on US prices

I have the 13.3" Yoga 2 Pro, and it runs great for most things, although there are some compatibility issues with resolution scaling, but if you set the windows scaling to 100-150% rather than the default 200% then it's great for having a bunch of things open for productivity.

Games are much better played at quarter res (900p) or 1080p rather than 3200x1800, but still look good on the great IPS display.

Much better on a desk than a lap too, it does tend to get rather toasty.

I have been looking at the Gigabyte Aorus X3, seems really good