Going retro for a week

want good rpg recommendations for anything that can run in an emulator.

Particularly Loves
* Turn based strategy
* Ability to customize characters as much as possible
* bizarre plots
* english please? :D

No chrono, ff or shining force games... played them too many times to death... only have to switch it on and play it for 5 minutes and then I remember it all :(

shin megami tensei. my favorites were nocturne and the devil survivor series. nocturne is ps2 and the devil survivors are on various handhelds. turn based with demons and powers and complicated mechanics.

pokemon games ofc. whats more bizarre then mirror b?

the megaman series for game boy

fire emblem

Fire Emblem is good.
(based on playing FE fates, also older ones I hear are harder than the recent games).
Advanced Wars if you like the Fire Emblem mechanics.
I guess the final fantasy games are a good retro to start.
Pokémon Emerald

Skies of Arcadia (JRPG with some good twists)
Fallout Tactics / Final Fantasy Tactics (Tactical RPGs with customization)

And if you REALLY want to go Retro:

Star Control 2 and 3 (Best plot in a game, period, and totally bizarre at times) - customizable fleets and such, but dated for sure.

River City Rampage - Not turn based, but bizarre plot (if you can even call it that) and a pure classic good for any trip down retro lane. Rumor has it they're remaking it right now.

Those are the 4 that jumped to mind. Not sure why RCR is on my mind but hey, it's a classic.