Going for a decent AMD somewhat budget build

So, as the title says I am going for a somewhat budget build, with enough power. With this computer I am looking to play games at an enjoyable frame rate, but everything does not need to be able to run perfect on ultra/very high etc. Tired of playing on consoles, so I am switching over, with this pc!
I have a generic cheap lenovo laptop that runs basically nothing. Hoping to not spend more than $800-900 on this build, (including peripherals which are not on the pc part picker list because I have not done enough research on them yet)

This is what I have picked out so far... http://pcpartpicker.com/p/2pBt99
Still some snooping around to do on newegg and amazon to pick out peripherals, and need to get a power supply. Speaking of PSU's, does anyone know if the wattage pc part picker shows is accurate? I just would think this pc would use a bit more power, but what do I know.
And finally, cooling. I do not plan on overclocking my hardware at all really. I know the stock fan on the AMD cpu is not amazing, but it will do the job. Does anyone think I need more fans to cool off everything? Or what comes with the gpu, cpu and case enough.

Thanks for any feedback/comments/suggestions/whatever else

I would spend less on the motherboard and case so you can get a R9 280 in it, if your not overclocking a 970 motherboard will do and a $50-$60 case will do too

Here what you should look out for:


You would get away with a 550W PSU tho but always nice to have that head room

Peripherals are expensive!  I've chosen a power supply and made some changes here and there.  You've done a good job picking the main parts.


I did think that motherboard was a bit expensive.. only looked on newegg too and went mostly by customer reviews. How much better is that R9 280? 

Might get a 550 or 600 W PSU because if I ever do expand, it wont be much (or at all). Looked at both of the links and both look really great. Only thing I would change is the monitor, probably going to shell out more and get a 24" at least, Samsung and Asus monitors have really caught my eye so far.

And sadly peripherals are expensive :( I will be getting either a brown or blue Cherry MX mechanical keyboard, In some computer programming courses and just on the computer a lot so willing to spend good money on it. (Looking at corsair back lit ones, not sure yet)

The R9 280 is a pretty good card, but the R9 270 is not a bad card at all, especially at 1080p.

550-600w is pretty good for almost any single GPU system.  Just make sure you get a quality power supply: there is a LOT of crap out there.  Check up on sites like Jonnyguru and HardOCP and see what they say.  Don't go by typical newegg reviews since PSUs are actually quite complex and require fancy equipment to see how they perform.

Corsair's K70 and K95 are good choices, but they are a bit on the pricy side for this budget.  Cooler Master makes some pretty good quality stuff as well.  The Quickfire TK is popular, if you don't mid switching between numpad mode and arrow-key mode.

For sure wont "cheap out" on a power supply, for sure an important piece. Depending on prices I guess will decide between a 550 or 600 W. Sadly I will probably spend $90 or so on a keyboard haha. 

You think everything will be cool enough or should i buy more fans?

That cooler master cpu cooler seems nice for the price, and the motherboard is a lot cheaper which is nice in your pcpartpicker list. Thanks a lot, will be building that or something really close to it in a month or two.

The corsair 200r is a very popular budget case.  It has two fans included; it should be sufficient for the system.

The Hyper 212 Evo is also very popular.  It's one of the best coolers for the price.


I left you a few dollars for a mouse or keyboard because really you can get a good enough keyboard and mouse for real cheap from just stores around town.  I have a $2 keyboard and a $10 mouse and I still have a great time playing games and typing, lets you spend more on the hardware in your computer.  

$10 and 2$? Now thats a deal haha. I have an ok mouse, wont replace it for a while. Going to invest in a keyboard most likely though. So, the processor you picked out is factory clocked at 4.0 GHz, which is over clockable as well. Has 8 cores rather than 6. But, is that really worth the extra money? The "turbo" on the 6 core is 4.1 GHz, and 4.2 on the 8 core. I feel like I will not be taking advantage of those extra cores, so it is not worth my money. But hey, I could be completely wrong! Still a semi-noob to this area.


I have the 8320 and I like it a lot,  Its not really necessary if all you're doing is gaming, but for other apps its very helpful.   

I used to game with a mouse and kb I got for free.  Tbh wasn't that bad lol

From what I have seen, I really like AMD compared to intel in all aspects. Cost mostly, but. Intel seems just a tiny bit better on benchmarks and such (At the higher end) but costs way more. AMD really gives you a bang for your buck. For a first build ecspecially

I am soo used to consoles, been a console gamer since forever. I really enjoy most games on a controller, but would like to have a nice keyboard. If I end up buying a cheap membrane Kb for like 10-15 bucks then later on I will most likely end up buying a mechanical KB anyways.

Yea I find AMD to be a lot better for less high end builds, the 8350 is a great chip.

Yeah.  When I first built my computer, I borrowed a keyboard from a friend until I bought a mechanical keyboard(Razer Blackwidow 2013- bought off this forum for $70).