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Hi There,

First of all, sorry if this should be under networking or another category. I’m working on setting up an SSH Honeypot, but most of them seem to be in Go. I follow the instructions on the git site and keep getting the below text when trying to “go build main.go”.

[email protected]********:~/gohoney# go build main.go
main.go:4:2: cannot find package “Google Code Archive - Long-term storage for Google Code Project Hosting.” in any of:
/usr/lib/go-1.13/src/code.google.com/p/gosshnew/ssh (from $GOROOT)
/root/go/src/code.google.com/p/gosshnew/ssh (from $GOPATH)
main.go:5:2: cannot find package “code.google.com/p/gosshnew/ssh/terminal” in any of:
/usr/lib/go-1.13/src/code.google.com/p/gosshnew/ssh/terminal (from $GOROOT)
/root/go/src/code.google.com/p/gosshnew/ssh/terminal (from $GOPATH)

What is the best way to add dependencies? I keep googling and although I did go get “go get github.com/jpg0/fleet/third_party/code.google.com/p/gosshnew/ssh” which I think should have removed one of the dependencies it doesn’t fix it. Thanks!

It hasn’t been updated in almost a decade - since 2013.

Modern go software is expected to use modules - some of the things here would need to be done: Migrating to Go Modules - The Go Programming Language

you should use go get ./... to have it fetch dependencies based on imports and put them in $GOPATH (~/go by default) which is kind of like a workspace for building various things.

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