Go 7850 CF or just stick to my one card

Hey yall im looking for some advice now that the 8xxx cards are pushed back a year and this weekends sales at my local pc shop they are selling xfx 7850 2 gig card for 170 after tax's. I'm quite happy with the preformce i get with one but im wondering if i should grab another and cf or is it a waste of cash?

Are you unhappy with your framrates, what Cpu do you have, and how big is your PSU ?

It's a bit of a waste, CF and SLI aren't supported by enough games to make it worth it. In some games it even performs worse. Not to mention microstuttering, thermals, power draw, etc.

Pip has it right. Dual gpu's isnt really a good option because a lot of games dont even support it. Id take the extra money and just dump it on a 7870 xt, which is a 7870 with a 7950 processor. Theyre around 250-270 dollars, and people love them.