[GNOME3] Reboot/Hibernate to Windows Option

On my laptop, I have a Windows 10 and a Fedora 27 partition. I would like to set something up where I can select an option in the shutdown menu on GNOME to reboot or hibernate, then restart into Windows 10.

I am running UEFI on GRUB2, and I thought that there was a way to tell GRUB to reboot into another boot option.

Is there an easy way to add an option like that to GNOME?

Not sure, but so long as you have OS-prober you should be able to select it in the grub menu. If that’s just not good enough this answer seems pretty legit

it’s for ubuntu but it looks like it should workso long as you’re using GRUB.

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@Leon_the_Loner is correct. You will want to put that in a script and then call it from somewhere. In order to add it as a menu option in gnome, you will need dconf or what ever they are using now and either add it to the gnome registry. If that is no longer supported, you will need find the JS option that governs the logon/logoff menu and make the edit there to point the an option to your script.