GNOME Freezing [solved]

HI All,

So i finally was able to bring my desktop up to school which was running Debian and Gnome. Except now whenever I go to use it gnome typically freezes up and requires me switching to another terminal and back. Has anyone had this issue before? Where are the logs so I can find out whats happening?

What Debian, what Hardware?

I’ve had this issue before, I cant remember off the top of my head what it was, might be hardware related. It’s definetly due to a bug in an older version on GNOME as it doesnt occur in newer versions.

Hw info as @noenken suggests.

Also Debian info, what version. What version of Gnome as well.

Debian - Version 3.14.1
CPU - INtel i5-4670k @ Stock
Video Card - GTX 770 4GB
MotherBoard - Gigabyte ud3h
Ram 8gb

…Im running updates now so I’m hoping it may be a driver out of date.

3.14 will be your gnome version.

cat /etc/os-release will give you what version it is.

3.14 is pretty old, but then thats the Debian way, unfortunately, that also probably is why your having issues combined with the nvidia card.

Try getting everything up to date first (as far as Debian will go)

Are you using the proprietary nvidia drivers?

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Yup now on Debian 9 and gnome 3.22 seems to do the trick…thanks!


we got a server running RHEL 3