Gnome 3 unity lag

Whenever I play a game built on top of the unity game engine it causes gnome 3 to lag extremely bad and run at 10> fps. The game will run fine at 60+fps but anything else running is horribly laggy until I close the game. So when playing unity games my second monitor becomes useless and tabbing out is a lesson in futility. It's incredibly frustrating. I'm running Debian 8 Jessie using gnome 3.14 from the Debian repos. My drivers are the AMDGPU beta drivers although the issue happened with flgrx as well.

It sounds like a raw GPU issue? How well does it play on other systems like windows? Are you using wine? Since I doubt this is related to work can you specify what games you encountered this issue with?

Not using wine...wouldn't dream of it XD. And Idk how it handles on Windows I don't run windows. I already specified the games that have the issue. All games built on the unity game engine. All other games don't have the issue. It's just unity based games. It also doesn't happen on Cinnamon, just gnome 3. Cinnamon has some issues caused by the beta drivers I'm using but I used to use cinnamon just to avoid the issue. Now I can't really do that but even still I prefer gnome 3 so if possible I'd still like to get it worked out.