Gnome 3.30

Don’t think I saw anything on this. They released a nice little release video.

Not tried it yet. 3.30 will be coming to Fedora 29 next month expected 2018-10-23/30

On Fedora 28, if you want to try it there is a copr repo for 3.30

Performance improvements i think is the thing most people will be interested in.


Il try it to see if it has improved performance wise. Im not holding out too much hope as an Nvidia users.

Looking forward to trying this. I generally feel like Gnome 3.28 performance on Intel graphics is fine, but there are some things that aren’t quite right.

I’m curious about what performance improvements they’ve made.

I have been running it on Debian Unstable and Arch Linux using Wayland as the Window Manager. Works better than 3.28. The big difference is that a lot of work has been done on mutter. You should see CPU usage go down as well as memory usage. Gnome is at roughly 375MiB RAM from me versus 700MB+ in the previous release.

Beware of extensions though as some of them have not been updated for the new Gnome or they may have ass work. The official extensions should be good though.

My memory usage seems to be down as well, but it does seem to still climb over time as I use it. I can’t say for sure that it’s not an extension being really stupid, but I kind of doubt it.

Yesterday on 3.28 I used my desktop for probably 8 hours (lazy sunday) and today on 3.30 I probably used it for 4 hours. Yesterday it just about hit 1GB of RAM, today it’s under 300MB still (but it started under 200MB).

I had to update dash to dock, and freon (temp reporting) is just busted. All of my other extensions just worked. I haven’t tried re-enabling top icon yet, I had to just give up having a system tray in 3.28 because it’s so unstable. Which is unfortunate, because that seems to completely break hplip.