Giving back to mod authors who won't charge

I'm going to be going to all the forums I attend (whether it's frequent or infrequent like this forum) and post this same thing. We should all know about Steam allowing mod authors to sell their mods through their Workshop service. There already appears to be a topic on this on the forum, so debating your belief in how acceptable this is should be left to that thread, and not this one. Personally, I think it's great that mod authors can get paid for their work, but Steam's cut is egregious and greedy - not to mention the number of possible caveats that can sink this (see Totalbiscuit's video on this).

I've always downloaded my mods from the authors, and rarely contributed much to them. Not an endorsement (on the nexus), nor a comment. I downloaded it, took it, and ran. I want to give back for this, and I hope those who CAN, will do the same to show their support to the mod authors they love. Any mod author who is leaving their mods available for free on the Nexus, if you have a donation link, I will donate to your mod - regardless if I have it installed or not.
I am NOT an infinite source of money, so I can't give a lot, nor can I give to hundreds of people - I'm certain you understand. But, like I said, I'm hoping others here who have the ability to do the same, will. Please post a link to your nexus page below and allow me to buy you a beer. :D

While I admire what you are doing, please do some sort of background check on the mod to make sure it's legit and not some cheaply thrown together texture pack. I love what you are doing and just want the right people to get what they deserve.

Thus why I ask for a nexus link. While I can't 100% confirm they aren't cheating me out of my money, but I will be checking to make sure their mods aren't on the workshop as I need that link, hahaha.