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GIVE ME THAT RX580 BIOS!11!1 (non nitro+)



Hello everyone,

(here's where i would put the RX580 BIOS, IF I HAD ONE!)

Does anyone have hands on a RX 580 bios that is not from a rx580 nitro plus?
Asking because i want to flash my XFX RX480 GTR BE.
As of now no other RX580 bios has surfaced yet.

This topic is not for discussing why you should or should not flash!
If you disagree with flashing a GPU don't respond to this topic!

for everyone else, welcome.


something has been found,
does anyone know if it's legit?


and this.
Powercolor RX 580 8 GB BIOS

cannot confirm if it's legit yet neither do i know what kind of voltage controller they both use.

GPU Clocks
  300 MHz, 600 MHz, 936 MHz, 1190 MHz
  1263 MHz, 1307 MHz, 1352 MHz, 1393 MHz
Memory Clocks
  300 MHz, 1000 MHz, 2025 MHz
Temperature Target: 70 °C

Maybe im getting this wrong BUT: 2000Mhz is a very low clock speed for the memory. i mean the rx480 runs 8000Mhz and the rx580 8100Mhz on the memory. or is this some sort of baseline or power saving mode?


it checks out, it's quad data rate so you need to multipli by 4.
4*2000 = 8000mhz
4*2025 = 8100mhz
(compare it to the rx480


ahhhhh. that makes sense. looked so strange to me, i had to ask :smiley:


also a nice forum:


I watched Buildzoid's take on flashing a RX580/RX570 BIOS onto older RX 480s/RX470s. From what I could understand, the new BIOS increases the voltage that is available to the GPU (VCore).

Am I missing anything?


XFX ARRIVED!!!! :smiley:

desc: XFX, RX 580 GTR-S Black Edition 8GB crimson, Radeon RX 580 Series, bios switch 1st position

@1430 8000


My current card is the XFX GTR 480 Black. From what I can tell, flashing the XFX 580 bios on to my XFX 480 would get me an additional 92 Megahertz. What is that like 1/3 extra frame a second? Woopity-do-da.

Also: I am on Linux. So flashing a BIOS ... not sure that is even possible.


You have a reference cooler. I would not recommend increasing the voltage to the core beyond what the original bios allows. It has a tiny aluminum block with a copper slug at the contact point.

That 92 MHz is roughly a 7% performance boost.


Forgot to add the "GTR". So, the cooler is pretty good. Also, Linux.


I wouldn´t get too overly excited about that.
There is really no single guarantee.


You should be able to hit 1350 MHz with ease on any GTR. If the Black is a binned card, 1400+ should be doable.

So what clock have you tested up to?

A flash might get you to 1450 MHz or better. Damn that's fast.

Oh, and you don't have to be the guinea pig. :slight_smile:


Yeah, it looks like it is possible to flash a bios to the card on Linux. However, you get in to some sketchy water pretty quick.


Wait it out if it peaks your interest. Others will eventually do it.


It's interesting. However the required software (ATIFlash .. as I understand it) it not even in the Arch User Repository. Translation: unlikely to be possible.


i-am going to do it now,
my stock bios was stable @1410, except in BF4 ffs.... that i had to put to 1380.
Will post results when i finish


I was linked to this thread:

I don't have time for it right now. Posting here for general info.


it works, at the same clocks i get better performance (probably the memory timings)
but with the xfx 580 bios the default 1430 it's not stable (i did not play with the voltages yet)
however i-am using that bios right now, just clocked @1400.
I'll wait until the bios editor fully supports 5xx gpu's since i tried editing the XFX 580 bios and it would just crash (i suspect memory timing)

I could use the MSI bios however the max RPM on the fans was way to low so the temps were a bit higher, clocks were very stable tho!