Ginger or Grammarly for libreoffice on linux


Recently, I was forced to write way more in english (not my native language) and I realized that my writing style and punctuation are bad. At work, I use Grammarly(the free version) in MS Office Word on Win 8 to catch the worst mistakes, but at home I only run Opensuse.

Is there something like Grammarly or Ginger that also works in libreoffice?
I would also not mind to pay for a subscription as long as the software improves my writing and works on linux.

Thanks for reading.

Spelling correction on LibreOffice is very high performance and much more customizable than on MS-Office. The so-called proofing tools are standard next to all the spell checker libraries you want. To install the spell checker for a specific language, just install the corresponding LibreOffice language package from your distro's repo.
You can have the spell checker functionality everywhere, hunspell functionality is generally integrated throughout most applications and DE's on Linux. Everywhere where you can get spell checking functionality, you can also have autocorrect.

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He's talking about grammar check with a built in thesaurus

Yeah, it's standard in LibreOffice. You right click to get the thesaurus options just like in MS Office, grammar check is marked separately like in MS Proofing Tools. Works exactly the same as in MS-Office, except the libraries are more up-to-date because community maintained, the performance is better because better code, and the number of languages and choice of country variants with the same language is larger, and the number of languages is not limited like with proofing tools.

You just need to watch out for sneaky communist comments being placed into your docs.

Colleagues might get changed to Comrades, a sentence that talks about free-market capitalisation might be subverted and if you actually mention Microsoft your PC will spontaneously combust...

You have been warned 😉

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He is talking about a third party plugin not a MS product.

This is what he is talking about:

This may be an alternative, not sure how it compares.

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Thank you very much for the reply, that seems worth checking out.
Edit/Update: languagetool seems by far not as powerful as grammarly. Even the free grammarly app seems to catch many more mistakes than langaugetool. But thanks anyway for suggesting it.

OK time to get called to running the carpet cleaner.

I'm a big fan of Grammerly but can't bring myself to add another easy monthly payment.

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