- Experience?

Hello one and all. I've been looking to upgrade to a 1440p gsync monitor. Decided to go with the Acer XB271HU. Did my price shopping. This item seems to be out of stock in a lot of places or overpriced.

I came across this site $779.99 usd no tax free shipping. The only other option I see for now is amazon. That would be 799.99 free shipping plus tax. Gigaparts will end up saving me $75-85. Problem: Never had any experience with this particular vendor.

Has anyone purchased products from this company?

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Very much appreciated. But I've pretty much settled on the Acer. While I do agree that it is overpriced and that I don't like spending more than $500 on a monitor at 27", this is the one that fits my needs. 27", 1440p, Gsync, IPS, VESA mountable, Dual input DisplayPort and HDMI. A part of me wishes I went AMD instead of Nvidia solely due to the Gsync price hike and limited brands, but alas.

The Dell I've seen before but its a TN. The Asus was another option but I need the HDMI port along with the Displayport. Also, I'm hesitant due to the quality control on this line of monitors from them. Their next model up, while having my port options, is about $100 more and has even scarier reports on QC.

So this is mostly about the vendor.

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Goddamnit man. You are too helpful. You are making people look bad. Funny enough, I saw that earlier this morning. I'm usually all for refurbished hardware, especially when it is manufacture refurbished. They might as well slap a New tag on those and say its a sale. Got my manu-refurbed keyboard from Corsair and I swear that was never touched by human hands after it was originally made. That was a good $60 off. But a monitor, especially a higher end one, makes me nervous with the idea that it was returned due to dead pixels or heavy BLB. Usually get my monitors new. Have you had any experience with New Egg refurb monitors? I've done with other products with newegg just not monitors.