Gigabyte Windofrce r9 290x $150-is this a good deal?

290x on craigslist going for $150. Is that too much to pay for one?

Better than GTX 970, around the performance of RX480, for $150...
If you trust the seller and if it is working properly - yes, it's worth it i think.
Just be sure it has not been mining for the last 3 years...

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If you can use it that's decent! I got someone off Craigslist to deliver a gtx960 ftw 4gb for 80$ the other day.
Im gonna use it for cheap HTPC upgrade because ultra settings on the bigscreen

That's a good deal but it wouldn't hurt to get him down to like $130 or so

Yeah, but those monsters use a ton of power (so get a good PSU with enough Watts if you don't have one already), they may run hot too, but that depends on the cooler, the Gigabyte coolers seem aggressive so it may be okay.

In general it is a lot of performance for the money ..... buuuut only if you already have the PSU to drive that thing.
And make sure the card wasn't a mining tool and the fan is still ok and so on.