Gigabyte TPM Module for Epyc Genoa Server (Eng Sample CPU & Benchmarks Included)

Been unable to source a compatible TPM module for the server below:
Gigabyte MZ33-AR0 motherboard
AMD Genoa Engineering Sample 100-000000897-03 (underclocked 9334)
192 GB DDR5-4800 (12 x 16 DIMMs)
handful of Samsung 990 Pros in PCIe adapters
WX4100 for local administration via RDP
Windows Server 2022 Datacenter

Few quirks with the BMC, will elaborate if asked.

For the TPM module:
-TPM module is 14 pin SPI and not the typical 12.
-Must meet TPM 2.0 (revision 1.59+) and be FIPS compliant
Gigabyte CTM012 is officially supported but I have been unable to find

Searched every vendor Gigabyte lists plus the usual offenders (NewEgg, Amazon, eBay, Alibaba, MicroCenter, CDW)

I know everyone wants to know the performance benchmarks.
CPU is underclocked compared to the 9334 from the factory but unlocked and can be overclocked on this board.

For the money, it is hard to beat for it’s intended purpose and future upgradability.

Benchmark taken over RDP:
CPU Mark: 71,750
2D Mark: 774
3D Mark: 1195
Memory Mark: 2838
Disk Mark: 54080

Full Benchmark:

- CPU Mark 71,711
Integer Math 300,315 MOps/Sec
Floating Point Math 186,746 MOps/Sec
Find Prime Numbers 549 Million Primes/Sec
Random String Sorting 126,537 Thousand Strings/Sec
Data Encryption 68,859 MBytes/Sec
Data Compression 1,177,103 KBytes/Sec
Physics 6,643 Frames/Sec
Extended Instructions 91,270 Million Matrices/Sec
Single Thread 2,718 MOps/Sec
- 2D Graphics Mark 213
Simple Vectors 17 Thousand Vectors/Sec
Fonts and Text 282 Ops/Sec
Windows Interface 110 Ops/Sec
Image Filters 1,494 Filters/Sec
Image Rendering 8 Thousand Images/Sec
Direct 2D 36 Frames/Sec
PDF Rendering 31 Ops/Sec
Direct 2D - SVG 61 Frames/Sec
- 3D Graphics Mark 1,195
DirectX 9 0 Frames/Sec
DirectX 10 0 Frames/Sec
DirectX 11 0 Frames/Sec
DirectX 12 0 Frames/Sec
GPU Compute 775 Ops/Sec
- Memory Mark
Database Operations 21,929 KOps/Sec
Memory Read Cached 26,562 MBytes/Sec
Memory Read Uncached 26,206 MBytes/Sec
Memory Write 26,185 MBytes/Sec
Available RAM 188,318 Megabytes
Memory Latency 76 ns (lower is better)
Memory Threaded 348,172 MBytes/Sec
- Disk Mark 54,139
Disk Sequential Read 7,455 MBytes/Sec
Disk Sequential Write 6,878 MBytes/Sec
IOPS 32KQD20 3,609 MBytes/Sec
IOPS 4KQD1 104 MBytes/Sec
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