Gigabyte R9-280x OC cooling options


I bought the gigabyte 280x oc version some time ago now and I'm really getting tired of the noise the fans make.

Right now (26C room temp, I guess it's about 79F), when idle the fans are making a lot of noice. I am on my other computer right now, but as far as I can remember the fans run about 2000rpm almost all the time (when idle).

When gaming, it's like a jet engine. Now I don't expect it to be like a whisper when I play BF4 or any other game that requires a lot of GPU power, but it would be nice if it could run quieter at least when it's idle.

My computer case: Fractal Design Define R4 with 2 fractal fans in the front and one back for outtake.

The question: Are there other cooling options that are quieter with the same or better performance?

I would like to hear about your experience with the card. :)

 TLDR: 280x oc windforce fans are louder than my vacuum cleaner. Any alternatives?

Thank you!



Well there's this cooler:

Something is not right,not at all,it should be pretty silent,I got the other windforce 3x cooler and it's dead silent. the one used on 7870/7950/7970

hm, silent even at higher speeds?


You're not thinking that you are 1) Might suffocating the card with very little intake. And 2) having 26c ambients lol.

Just open GPUz or something and check the temps and fan speed. 

yes,it's very silent and it manages to stay very cool

Intake was not the problem. The problem was in the faulty fans. I used my warranty and got a totally new card back that works just fine.

I know this thread is old, but thanks to everyone who helped!