Gigabyte MZ32 AR0 - power delivery for PCIe 16x slots

Do you have any idea how the PCIe 16x slots are usable for more graphics card (let say 75W per slot)?

The point is, is there (without the additional PCIe 6pin, typically part of WS MB) sufficient power for PCIe 16x slots?

MB has two 8pin EPS12V (for Epyc 7xx2 claims maximum TDP about 225W + 16 RDIMMech is enough), but their documentation explicitly mentions the use for CPU and MEMORY.

2 x 4 Pin Power Connector (for CPU)
2 x 4 Pin Power Connector (for Memory)

I’m not sure if the N cards (75W each) can rely only on the ATX24. ATX24 contains only two pins for 12V (6-7A/pin it’s lousy 180W).

The EPS pins are only for the CPU to my knowledge thats why a lot of higher end boards have extra power connections on the board if the devices need the 75w from the slot. GPUs and what not can always pull more power if needed from their 6/8pins if they arent getting enough from the pcie slot.

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