Gigabyte Motherboard Drivers Help Please

Hi there,
I have just purchased a Gigabyte GA-78LMTUSB3 motherboard. I am trying to get hold of the newest drivers for it, I have the rev 4.1 version of the mobo. On the website I can only get the USB 3.0 drivers, and no other types ( I am trying to find the drivers as I don't want to have to install a disk drive into my PC to get the drivers off the disk. What could I do? I am running 64bit Windows 8.1.
I would be extremely greatful for any help!

Whatever Gigabyte Inc. has on their web site is going to have "the latest" drivers (and other software) available for your motherboard -- after all, they made it!

Right now (as I write this on 3/6/15), "USB 3.0" is the lastest in USB specifications (specs) -- not your motherboard version/revision number. IOW, "USB 3.0" and your motherboard's version "4.1" have absolutely nothing to do with each other. You really only need to know your motherboard version so that you download the right drivers/software from Gigabyte.

FYI: "USB 3.0" is usually going to have blue colored slots/ports/"holes" as opposed to the USB 2.0 and USB 1.1 black colored ones. This is NOT a guarantee but it is a good quick visual way to see if your USB port is USB 3.0 "compliant." Even better, you do not need to worry about older devices being plugged into USB 3.0 ports since USB 3.0 is backwards compatible. However, I would want to make sure that something like my external HDD were plugged into a "USB 3.0" port in order that it transfer data as fast as possible -- not a slower USB port which is really intended for slower USB devices like mice and keyboards (which hardly even need USB 1.0 speeds).

Replied to his duplicate thread but Windows 8.1 will install the required drivers, only the USB 3.0 isn't.

That's why Gigabyte has only listed the USB driver

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... That's assuming he has automatic updates turned on and that Windows can see the USB ports (which I have a high degree of confidence that is can). But you're right! USB 3.0 usually needs some kind of program running (a TSR, I'd call it) in the systray or some kind of dedicated "driver" for those blue colored ports to work at full USB 3.0 specs. Otherwise, it's all effectively USB 2.0 or slower.

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The drivers for everything except the USB 3.0 would have been installed during the O/S installation

Windows Update not required

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Not necessarily! Typically, USB support is installed when Windows is installed (and it's a good bet that it's installed here). But not always! It's rare but even now some weirdo mobos need to have their chipset drivers installed before Windows can even detect USB. And that sometimes means getting drivers/software from either the manufacturer or allowing Windows Updates to do it.

as has been pointed out, motherboard revision and usb type are not associated. download the driver, unzip to desktop, copy to thumbdrive, connect to a usb 2.0 port, install...enjoy. i have yet to see a usb 3.0 port that will work without an OS installed...prolly why you can't load windows from a usb 3.0 port. would love someone to show a typical install using one if i'm wrong

Download the windows 7 drivers, they will work on 8. You may have to use compatibility mode to install some of them though.