Gigabyte card using MSI Afterburner?

Is it possible using the MSI Afterburner software while using the R9 290x Gigabyte R2 card? Will my card act weird if I try and use the recording software if it even works? Can I overclock my card using the MSI Afterburner software?

Thank you for your time :D

It will work fine.

Yup it will all work fine regardless of card manufacturer. It will just see AMD R9 290x and carry on from there, the make never comes into it. Overclock away it will not stop you. The screen recording will work fine too.

MSi are just the guy who made it. It is not in any way locked to MSi cards.

If you don't feel like using it you can also do these kind of tweaks through the Catalyst Control Center under Performance and Graphics OverDrive.

Thank you for the response I was looking for! I didn't know that it wasn't locked to just MSI cards :D 

Okay, time for some tuning!