Gigabyte B550 vision D m.2 speed

hi guys(and gals), im in wonder for several months now why my wdblack m.2 only reported 1900ish mb/s and much less than its rated spec. of 3400+ mb/s ive been reading trying to fix this issue but so far, i got all settings correct and m.2 is installed in the right location and never make it pass 2000mb/s. is there anything else i could try to improve these numbers?

i have wdblue m.2 at work (different build) and it reported its number accordingly @ almost 2400 mb/s this means(kindda) my wdblack is not better than wdblue which i doubted it.

suggestion is welcome and appreciated thanks!


it is on 3700x and 16gb@3600 ram with amd fury populated in the first pcie and nothing else

2gig/s seems rather low, even in the PCIe Gen3 socket connected to the Chipset, max PCIe throughput should be around 3.9gig/s.

What’s your exact M.2 SSD model number?

Please keep in mind, that SSDs tend to achieve their rated max in workloads with a queue depth greater than 1 - i.e. parallel / simultaneous transfers.

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