Gigabyte AORUS NVMe GEN4 Trim Support Linux

Hi there,
While waiting for the Ryzen 3950x to be released I’m researching other components for my build, and had my eyes set on the Gigabyte aorus gen4 nvme (perhaps in raid as illustrated in wendells devops build…).

But it appears after doing some research that trim is not supported for this device under Linux?


I just came across a review with the same information. I’d love to know if anyone has additional details. This SSD was going to be at the core of my build, but this sounds like a deal breaker.

I have not investigated this myself but I would be shocked if TRIM was not supported, because it claims to be NVMe. NVMe devices should support standard NVMe command sets. If it doesn’t implement standard TRIM commands then what does it do? Is it some weird proprietary command that only works with their specific Windows driver? Because if so, it would likely break Windows as well since most people would be using the Microsoft standard NVMe, not installing device specific drivers.

But, if you mean that NVMe RAID doesn’t support TRIM that would not be surprising.

See following posts on other sites - it seems like the linux support for this device is not that good (in terms of TRIM support):

turns out this was vfio, and command re-ordering. There are work arounds, and creating a thread/video to address trim.


Can you post a link to the thread and video here please?

Never mind, found it here