GigaBuster's Ghetto Adventures: Phantom Projector

A couple years back I bought a projector for cheap but it was a lemon so in storage it sat

So last week I went through storage to get of some things so I decided I’d try and get this working… One way or another

Currently unemployed and broke until my planters facitis heals so I have to use my vast collection of hardware junk to get this up and running

Model/brand is LED86

most of the fuses and logic boards are burnt razor chroma toast

The LCD may or may not work, since the logic board is out I’ll have to use a different lcd anyway, middle screen is the original, I’m going with the lit up one since closest to the original size
All my lcds came from digital signage they wee throwing out at toys r us so I took it home (former employee)

no idea for sure what volts/amps the LED is specced for but eventually got it lit up on a power wheels charger I got from toys r us

More updates to follow


My LCD controller board

the speakers use the same connector so I think wire up some composite audio cables so I don’t have to use 3w speakers