GigaBusters bill paying fundraising event

I recently had covid and was out of work for a month and a half and my bills kinda got piled on during that time and I need a bit of help catching up

For every 30$ I will cut a half inch off my hair with a max of 18 inches I can garauntee, hairs kinda hard to measure

I will be streaming Metroid Prime Randomizer during the event on October 5th 6pm cst

Thank you everyone for the support

My paypal is
My Venmo idea is in my title

Donated Early, as I don’t know if ill be around for the Stream. Glad to help out.

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Thread now listed, feel free to discuss or ask questions or suggestions, twitch account still in progress of modernizing from the last time I streamed 5 years ago

Aw, that sucks… I wish I could donate, but I have to pull my savings with my teeth if I have to. If I get a job soon, I will, if it’s not too late. But I’m not using p*yp*l.

Did you find a job now? I’ve been looking for a month now with not much success, hoping to find something soon too.

Yeah I still have my job it’s just I was in quarantine for 6 weeks and covid cut my lung capacity down to 1/8th, so I had to cut my hours for a couple weeks, I’m currently at 1/4th lung capacity and can just barely work normally, I just have to take a bit more breaks

I’ll still appreciate the sentiment all the same, stop in the stream if you can, even to just say hi or watch


Okay I got some overlays set up and on-screen chat working

Since donations are through paypal or Venmo directly I won’t be able to see your username, and I don’t want to dox anyone

So when you leave a donation please type in the name you want to be refered as for a shout out and thank you

Otherwise I will say thank you for your Anonymous Support, if you don’t wish to be known leave it blank

I’m live

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thank you guys for your support
You guys raised enough for 13.4 inches to be cut and a lot of money to catch up on my bills
I will post pictures before and after

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I think this is the vod

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Not super thrilled about the style they gave me but I’ll post a picture of after later

This one is older but it’s how my hair is without combing it out straight