Gift or a Curse?

So this landed on my desk today for free.

Wondering what the best use would be.

Its a Tesla M1060

Post some ideas and I will see what I can do.

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Compute PI with open CL




Mine bitcoins.

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Looks like wall art to me. Pretty cool though!

That's awesome. Any tech that's free can always have uses somewhere.

on amazon someone said

I have not been able to get these boards functional on any Windows Computer;
NVidia Driver installation refuses to install driver,
NVidia Tech Support explained to me that I will not be able to get these boards functional,
that these boards are only sold to NVidia certified OEMs
and any tech support is only available from the OEM
without being able to install drivers,
these boards are not functional;
I have an entire carton of these boards which I was never able to get functional;
By Martin B. on March 17, 2016

So Coaster may be best option lol

I will probably try it in windows and linux. See if it has any native support.
Was thinking rainbow tables processing or try to use as an encryption engine.(disk or vpn maybe.)

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