Ghost in the Shell - Live Action Film Coming Soon!?!

So this struck me while looking around the interwebs.

Apparently there is going to be a Live-Action GHOST IN THE SHELL movie coming soon. (Not bad right? i don't mind it as long as they don't fuck it up) but any who back to what struck me about it was that They want the offer the role of Motoko Kusanagi to Scarlet Johansson. LOLWUT? i don't know who i'd like to see play Motoko. but Definitely not Scarlet. Maybe Kate Beckinsale or someone else [Just rambling here] but who knows how dreamworks will produce this movie.

Thoughts on this?

This is pretty kool. Speaking of which, I just started watching Ghost in the Shell. Im on 20 i believe with the SAC and then going to watch 2nd Gig then the movies. This is awesome though. I hope they dont screw it up

i need to re-watch it again. i don't remember much. i tried my best to watch it when i was younger I'm 20 now. but it was so DIFFICULT to watch the Show cause they would always air the show at 4 o clock in the bloody morning. I love ghost in the shell but I'm sorry i have to say this but "AINT NO BODY GOT TIME FOR THAT." :( i think the show and movies are on Hulu but i haven't checked, i believe i saw it on there.

I want a live action Ghost in the Shell movie, Stand Alone Complex is my favorite anime

yeah its on Hulu along with the movies. Lol im the same age as you. Right now im expanding on my anime instead of watch Naruto. The last anime I finished was Black Lagoon. I need to find more mature ones. Black Lagoon had just the right moments of action and not so action scenes.

I sometimes don't know what to watch lol Hulu has like the holy grail of Anime Lists I've ever seen. 5 pages of Stuff to watch. has a nice selection but the quality isnt as good as Hulu. They also have some shows that aren't just anime.

as long as they don't turn tachkikomas into jar jar binks it should be good 

This is great Scarlet is not a bad choice it shows they have some serious money backing it.  I hope they succeed with the Robotech Live Action Movie the storyline is much better than Transformers imho.

If you are looking for more mature anime I have a bunch in my list here..If you like Black Lagoon you might like Jormungand season 1 & 2 also Cowboy Bebop or Trigun and Dogs: Bullets & Carnage..These are just off the top of my head..Gunslinger Girl or Monster maybe another you would enjoy..On another note I watch my anime here..

They just released the 25th Anniversary edition bluray (25 anniversary of the manga actually. which, i own all 3)

supposedly MUCH better than 2.0, with it's weird 'warm' tint, and CGI. this is a remaster of the original. the best version of GitS here in America. not sure if Japan has a better transfer, but it is on my list.

a PC Ghost in the Shell FPS.. ill leave this here ;) coming out next year.

I am not thrilled about the director.

IMO, this is going to be shitty. I am tired of seeing Scarlet Johanson. She isn't that good of an actress, and won't do the role justice. The director could have been chosen better for sure. I feel like this is going to be a bastardization of the anime. Really not looking forward to it.

I have a feeling it is going to be a pg 13 action movie that totally misses the point of Ghost in the Shell

I still have to watch the last two Arise movies.... Anyway, if they fuck this one up (and let's be honest, they probably will) then I'll have to cry myself to sleep while watching all the movies + both seasons back to back. I'm way too invested in Ghost in the Shell so every new movie or series announcement is absolutely terrifying, especially if they're handing it to hollywood and real-life actors.

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