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I'm trying to setup Ghost on my XPEnology/Synology OS.
I changed its database preference from sqlite3 to mariadb/mysql, to get over the fact that Synology has no builtin sqlite3 and installing it is a pain. Plus, I'm already using MariaDB.

I installed it using: npm install --production --unsafe-perm
I configured url to be NAS's FQDN
It starts just fine, with no errors. (npm start --production)

netstat shows that the process is using with the port specified in config.js, yet I get nothing using a browser :|

Tried following options
http://HOSTNAME:port (https aswell)
http://IP:port (https aswell)
http://FQDN:port (https aswell)

I get 404 on every possible way.

Anyone got any experience with ghost ?

oke dokie.

ignore netstat for now.

do lsof -i tcp:[PORT GHOST RUNS ON}
change to udp if needed.

Check that the FQDN has been applied:
hostname -f

Synology's DSM does not have this command, unfortunetaly.

sorry i cannot edit my post for some reason, what about checking the logs of the database see if a connection was made to rule out bad credentials?

The other thing could be to check the webserver logs, and maybe... netstat -tulpen might help?

hostname -f gives me hostname, not FQDN

I set ghost to show debug information on startup and it shows that it is able to select from tables and shows no errors.

netstat -tulpen shows that to* is listening.

That's one of your problems, hostname -f should need your FQDN add it manually to your hosts file.

I added FQDN to hosts file, but nothing changed when I ran hostname -f. Do I have to reload something ?
I can somewhat manage in linux, but most of it is over my head :P

do a reboot first then try again.

ok, I can't do that right now since I'm copying stuff from my old NAS to the new server.
I will let you know after I've been able to restart the server.. in few days most likely.

Could try sudo /etc/init.d/ start

also can you send over your hosts file?

Yo did you get this working? i couldn't post full replies last night. i have no idea why.