Ghetto pc wonderland

Today I finished working on an old amd sempiron *chough semiporn cough* cpu. It had roughly over 100 bent pins. 2 fell off but I can resurrect it with pencil shavings and a dead celeron m. It barely fits into the cpu socket. I also delided and lapped both sides of the ihs with 250 and 1000 grit sandpaper.  I plan to put it in an old dell my buddy owns along with a partitioned 40gb hdd as a nas after I buy it from him.


cpu was only a little worse

my new ish nzxt fan fell apart, and nzxt being how amazing they are are sending me a new one. 1 blade fell off the 120 mm fan so i clipped 2 more and made an evenly balanced fan that vibrates a bit. better than in the trash.

I followed this:

tomorrows post should have pictures as ill get off my lazy ass and get my webcam

I am still working on the laptop mod and have concluded it will use a modified chiclet keyboard

Y'all like graphics cards? Then give me a registered evga 9800gtx+ serial number.

You always post the most interesting things lol. I like reading about old hardware being revived.

This is absolutely fantastic.

Good grief, I thought my old hardware was off badly. Congratulations.