Getting Started with Drupal and Bootstrap

I see the the Level1 website is using Drupal and Bootstrap, and I really like it, but I'm not sure where to start learning how to customize Drupal that well.
I'm trying to create my own website using Drupal and Bootstrap. I'm OK with Bootstrap itself so far, but not getting theme modifications to work under Drupal. I have a site already that I'm in the process of converting to Bootstrap, but thought it would be a good idea to start using a CMS since in the future I might not be the only one making content for the site (and being able to make changes from outside my network would be nice).
I also would like to learn how to make my own blocks for things like the user menu, but as far as I can tell that means writing my own module.
I'm not exactly new to web development or programming, but I'm starting to feel like this may be more than I want to get into.
@wendell If you don't mind, some suggestions would be much appreciated.



this looks like old post. But I'm new here and I could help. There are multiple contributed modules you can use. For custom blocks I would suggest Bean ( But eventually you will need knowledge to build/modify blocks/pages.

If you are still interested let me know.


The most knowledgeable about Drupal I know is @wendell.

Care to chime in?

Missed this when it came out, but I'll reply a little now. I built the theme. :)

You'll actually have two themes enabled when you do bootstrap stuff in Drupal. One that's just plain bootstrap and one that's your own custom theme with your info, css, includes, templates, etc. Keeps a nice seperation.

We also got a lot of use out of the bean module ( allows you to create fieldable and themeable blocks, now a core part of Drupal 8). We also use a ton of Views module, for the content listings and user pages.

I can go into a little more detail if you need it, Drupal is a powerful tool and one that I really enjoy using.


Thanks everyone. Bean seems like it might just be what I was looking for. Now if I can actually get the time to mess with it lol :)