Getting rid of Annoying W7 Color Scheme Message for Good?

The dumbass “Do you want to Change Color Scheme” blah blah blah. I have the Windows Troubleshooting area unchecked in Action Center and it still insists on showing this message. Really irritating. I found an area of the registry where you can get rid of the low memory message. But from the looks of it nothing like that for this issue.

Anyone know a SURE way of getting rid of this crap? I’ve looked everywhere and it seems like a zombie of a problem you just can’t get rid of. I hear it can be tied to VRAM.

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Want to know if there is a solution too.

Is this the message you are referring to?-

Hmm, solution seems sketchy. What’s that all about?

So it changes the wdm exe so when it tries to run the code to pop up the error it does not find that code and instead just continues working normally.

But what’s the “risk” of doing this?

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Screwing up where/how you change the exe so it stops working or starts doing unwanted behaviors