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Getting PFSense working

Hello currently I run a retail router that I have installed OpenWRT to, but OpenWRT isn’t that great. So I wanted to try PFSense and I have an x86 machine that I built out of old parts and a [new] AMD Athlon 3000G processor. However, when I connect the machine directly to my modem’s ethernet port, I cannot seem to get it to get an uplink to the WAN network. My modem is a true modem, it isn’t a gateway. And the issue doesn’t exist if I try to connect it to an ethernet port on my router. Also I am trying to use the motherboard’s built in LAN port as the WAN and I have a 4 port Intel NIC in the PCIe slot. I want to set up the 4 ports as LAN ports too.

I’m not familiar with pfsense, but in general, you need to setup the WAN port as a DHCP client, while the LAN ports require a DHCP server. In some cases though, you’ll need to setup the WAN port with a static IP address and it may even be necessary to spoof the MAC address as well. All of these settings should be available in the pfsense OS/web-GUI.

If it helps: pfSense Configuration will give you the basics to setup Wan and Lan.
Check out
Router should be DCHP Server (Default Operation)
WAN should be onboard eth0 set to DHCP Client attached to router
LAN should be eth1-4(or similar) set to DHCP Server to your home network
If you want to have full control (Firewall in charge), Bridge the Router, Setup WAN Config Mirroring Router settings. No harm in writing all the setting down, if you have to revert.

I came across this video from a different tech YT-er:

Haven’t watched it, but you might be able to pick up some pointers as his content is usually pretty solid and informative. Bit like L1T thus :wink:

As great as it is (and it is), at first glance I did not find that every aspect of pfSense configuration was intuitively obvious.

The official pfSense book is a great resource … but, if you don’t have a copy, that obviously won’t help you today. In addition to the book I would wholeheartedly recommend this series of vids:

The Lawrence Systems YouTube site also has several great pfSense vids.

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