Getting into Overclocking, not sure about the mobo

Hey guys,

I've just found this site today and decided to become a member. The write ups are great on here and just reading some of the 'over clocking ' stuff has helped my understanding.

Okay.... So motherboards.

My budget is $250 AUD for a Z170.
CPU - either a 6700k or wait for Kabby Lake.
GPU - Waiting for 1070s to drop a little more ( I current have a 1060 * Need to upgrade monitor too, may target it to handle a 1070 )
Storage - I want to setup a M.2 just for the operating system and some other minor core operating things.

I'm new to overclocking, and im not sure what motherboard to use from the price bracket above.

Asus Z170 -AR

ASRock- Fatal1ty K6

ASRock - Extreme 6+

Asus Z170- Pro Gaming

ASRock - Extreme 4

ASRock - Gaming K4,8&X=1948,25779&s=30&c=110&sort=d8&page=1

So what motherboard do i go for ? I do want to SLI in the future, no really in like 3 years or something. I was Asus- AR then I saw the ASRock Gaming K6.

I want to overclock both CPU and GPU. I play a-lot of pc games mainly though, titan fall / 2, battle field 4/1 and Doom

I have used the friendly search button and that has helped. Thanks guys

Awesome! finally someone else who like Titanfall!
OC'ing is a blast. Somehow it makes your pc "more personnel" like its now unique in some way. Faster is always nice too:)
Can't help much on the MB, i am more of an AMD on the cheapest MB I can find type of guy. Best of luck on the new build.

Hey thanks for the reply.

Yea man it's an awesome game. I can't wait for number two, it looks great

Asus are pretty much the gold standard for motherboards. I would 100% go with Asus over ASRock. Gigabyte are also well known for making decent boards.

Did you say you already own a 1060? If so, there is really little point in upgrading to a 1070.

Well i was going to give this CPU to a family member for the next build. I've got an MSI 1060 6GB GT OC, but i think you're suggesting to keep it..?

How's the UEFI on Gigabyte, i'm new to Ocing

Yea see that's why i initially wanted the Asus-AR, but then the ASRock had more features per dollar so to speak... And then i read the horror stories on both and im like ' why do i bother' lol

Since you intend to grab the two gib and heavy cards, maybe pick a mb with strengthened PCIe slots, I'm sure this won't hurt.

As for ASUS vs ASRock, afaik ASRock is a subsidiary of ASUS for cheaper boards, I guess the better parts go into ASUS boards. That being said, I own my ASRock board for 4y and I don't have any problems, they only thing I had to do this spring was to replace the mainboard battery. I think ASRock boards aren't bad, but ASUS boards are a little better. (I'd pick ASRock - but then again, this is my personal experience, maybe I'v been lucky...)

Since you are new to oc'ing you should read a couple of threads and guides about it. Don't use your mainboard's software to do the oc'ing, do it over the UEFI. Also, there is an insurance for Intel CPUs (~20$) which basically allows you to OC your CPU as much as you want. If it breaks Intel will cover the costs.

Hi Azulath,

Thanks for the reply. I want to look into the strength of the PCIe slots, can you elaborate a little further ?

Yea see i have read some ocing threads and guides but none that i can recall specifically say to go through UEFI, that being sad they all universally did so!

Is that insurance applied to Australia as well ?

That is a thing from the past.
Asrock is a grown up company who stands on its own legs.
And they build some very decent motherboards.

Asrock Z170 Extreme7+ also fits in your budget.
I think that its one of the better boards at your budget.

Not the most beautifull board out there i have to admit but yeah.

The Asus Z170 pro gaming basicly is also fine.

Well, the mainboard below for example (I just googled strengthened pcie slot, I don't recommend this one or anything^^) has strengthened pcie slots. Since graphic cards appear to become heavier with every generation, the weight that needs to be carried by your pcie slot should not be underestimated. which is why mainboard manufacturers have started developing mainboards with strengthened pcie slots (or as some kind of marketing gag :-D )

What I meant by "oc'ing over the UEFI" is that some mainboards have software with an overclock button. It does work, but you achieve better overclocks when doing it "manually", since you should regulate the voltage as well. (I was able to reduce the voltage on my i5 2500k for a significant amount, while still remaining stable. This leads to less power consumption and less heat).

Intel insurance:

To be honest though, I doubt that you need it. I think Intel trusts their CPUs a great deal and before you are able to do any damage, it will shut down.

@MisteryAngel thanks, I wasn't aware of that. As mentioned above, I am very pleased with my ASRock mainboard.

Edit: @darftvader Since you haven't mentioned it yet - Don't try to save money when buying a PSU. Pick a good one!

Thanks for the video with Wendell. I hadn't come across it before but i had other videos. I wanted videos specifcally to what i wanted so i can understand it as best as i could before buying, ocing ect.. BUT i did comparisions with the boards and i have notice subtle differences.
I don't understand it therefore not sure if it matters. the Ex 7 is like $300 AUD that other price is from a vendor who stopped selling them.

Ex 7 - Premium Memory Alloy Choke (Reduces 70% core loss compared to iron powder choke)
- Dual-Stack MOSFET (DSM)

K6 doesnt have ^ does it play a factor ?

The strengthend PCIe slots makes total sense. I've read alot about MSI having ' military grade' or something parts.

Man I didn't really appreciate your 5ghz and stable too on that 2500k, until a little perspective came in when modern cards would call it quits at 4.8 ( generally speaking, unless you win that silicone lottery !?! )

Yea I think intel would back its self, although its a good to know!

My first and current build i did skimp out as i didnt understand the significance and role it plays. Ill do some homework on it and report back a complete build. I'm not sure if i should start a new thread or continue on...

Also if you have any comments about what i wrote @MisteryAngel please feel free to chime in

The vrm implementation of the Asrock Z170 Gaming K6+ is pretty much the same as the vrm on on the Extreme 7+.
They mainaly differ in feutures.

Have you had experience in M.2 storage ?

i personaly dont have one, but what do you wanne know about it?

How would i use M.2 stroage for just boot and OS, i have setup my ssd for it, just wondering would it be the same ??

I've just put this up -- >