Getting an SSD

Bit of a noob question, but I was thinking of some ideas to spend with my money. I thought of buying an SSD. One problem: I don't know very much about SSD's, or hard drives for that matter. So here's my question: Would I need to buy another operating system to run on the SSD that I get? If not, then would I be able to uninstall Windows on my HDD and reinstall it on my SSD? Sorry, you're probably smashing your face on your keyboard from reading this post. Anyways, thanks for any help :)

Alot of SSDs come with OS cloning software but your SSD needs to be big enough for what you are cloning, that said a fresh install of windows is recommended. 

You do not need to uninstall windows from your old hard drive, to install it on the SSD (if you get one), just use the disc and install it on the SSD like you did for your HDD (if you did) and then put your windows code in to validate it. Hey presto working version of windows on your SSD.

So let's say I install a fresh copy of Windows on my SSD. I now have an HDD and an SSD in my computer, both with their own copies of Windows. Would I be able to launch my computer on the SSD, but still access files and launch games from my HDD?

Sure can that's what I did, only thing that might bug you is your files are still located under your user profile so there's a tiny bit of digging through the win directory to get to them but you can move them up easily enough, that and setting the correct paths for any games you already have installed on your old HDD.

It only takes a little while to sort all that out though, trust me when I say the increased speed of Windows is very worth getting an SSD.

Awesome, thanks much for the feedback :)