Getting a rosewill rk 9000

for $65 $55 cheaper then full price im getting my first cherry switch keyboard also now what do i do i run linux so is there a way i can mod the windows or super key to launch my menu in linux mint 15 cinnamon or what any ways thought i would tell you all

any suggestions?


doesn't it do that by default

Okay, as a Rosewill RK9000 user, who uses Linux, no doubt, here's the shake-down.

The super key works the same way on Cinnamon as it does with Aero, so you don't have to "mod" anything. I don't use Cinnamon currently, but have used it before; great, if you don't mind relatively high memory usage; when I did use it, you didn't have to break your workflow to click the menu button - your super key works just fine.

Side note, the RK9000 is an amazing mech for the price, even regardless of the price.

ok the reason i ask is because im useing a keyboard with no super key

idk i dont have a super key on my over 20 year old keyboard LOL