Getting a PC and Monitor for 1080p60Hz Gaming and hobby video editing

So I have a 800 to 1000€ PC+monitor budget for vidya and making YTP/senseless drivel videos in Sony Vegas to amuse myself. I’m gonna do a Mint+Windows 10 dual boot for OS

I’m gonna get most stuff from Amazon’s german site, but might also take a look on the Facebook marketplace.

For gaming I want good performance in Dolphin, PCSX2 and Xenia, but I also play some modern stuff without problem. I want to play at 1080p60 as stated in the topic but I want the screen to have minimal ghosting, latency, good darks/blacks and feature “proper” HDR, as I understand it some monitors feature faux solutions to give an HDR-like effect. Plain and simply I would prefer image quality and response time over refresh rate and resolution. I also would like a curved 21:9 monitor but that is lowest in the priority list of things stated. The monitor in general is where I could make the most sacrifices for budget constraints.

I have already sourced a 980 Ti of my friend for 170€ so that leaves about 600-800 for the rest of my budget. I have a small SSD from my current computer I want to salvage, but I also want to get a NVMe drive to boot one of the OS’s from and a 1TB SATA SSD for quicker than HDD mass storage.

I have been looking at some cheap B450 boards but I don’t know what would be too cheap. I’m not planning to do overclocking and want something smaller than ATX. Two candidates include ASRock B450 M Pro4 M-ATX and MSI B450M PRO-M2 MAX.

For a case I want a small tower like a Fractal Design Core 1000 or SilverStone PS12, but I feel kinda lost in a sea of options. Preferably nothing bigger than those.

On CPUs I’m undecided on whether I should go for Zen 1 to save some money or Zen 2 and get better per core performance for my emulation. Zen 2 feels kinda overpriced compared to older Zen processors but since Dolphin and PSCX2 loves single thread grunt I’m torn.(Zen 2 had like 25% better performance over Zen/+ in that regard right?)

I don’t care if the PSU isn’t modular unless that quality of life upgrade costs peanuts.

But the build so far in summary:
--------------- stuff I got ---------------

  • GTX 980 Ti 170€
  • (W10)240 GB Kingston SSD organ harvested from other PC

--------------- non-acquired parts ---------------

  • Ryzen CPU
  • B450 Budget MoBo
  • (Mint)128/256GB NVMe SSD
  • mATX/ITX Tower
  • 16GB of RAM at least(don’t think I’d need more)
  • PSU that won’t burn my house down
  • 1080p monitor

Thanks ahead of time :upside_down_face:

I don’t know about Germany but amazon uk are having a 20% off ‘warehouse’ deals today.

Quite a few ‘reasonable’ b450 mobos are ~£50-60 = ~55-65 euro

Might be worth a look.

Also in terms of cpus the cheapest option it’s the 1600 but then you get into the murky waters of 1700/2600/1700x which can be bought for not much more. Avoid the 1200/1300/1400/1500 as they are all quad cores and for the money you might as well get a 6 core.

UK Amazon could work just as well, since Im not located in germany and just want my stuff cheaper

The 980ti is a very capable card. It should handle everything you can throw at it. One consideration may be a little more motherboard for a Ryzen CPU upgrade later on? I guess if PCIe 4.0 isn’t a big deal the B450 should get the job done.

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