Getting a password from a string of characters

So here's a bit of a challenge...... that I don't mind admitting has me stumped, you're given a string of characters and asked what the password is how do you go about solving it?

For reference the sting in question is;


Is that all the information you're given? Because if I had to guess then that string of characters is the hash of the password so you would need to run a dictionary/brute force/rainbow table against it.


Well it would be extremely hard if you don't know what algorithm it was hashed with. That hash sum is REALLY long too, I've never seen one that long before so I have no idea what algorithm it could be from.

I really have no clue

I thought that to but  as you say its too long, now I am pretty sure its something similar to base 64 now; its designed for people with an interest in but not necessarily much experience. It was an application question for a security firm that has closed now. It really bothers me I couldn't figure it out. 

Need to know what was the algorithm which was used to hash it. Whatever hash it is it's possible it has SALT with it as well.

There's a good hash identification python script in Kali Linux that lets you plug in a hash and it tells you what kind of hash it is. I'd start with that.